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What to Look out for Regarding Garage Door Issues

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair can be performed by either a professional or by a handy DIY enthusiast. There are 2 parts to a garage door which could need repairs – these are the opener and the actual door itself. Both are fairly easy to fix, given enough time, patience, and ingenuity. Should you are thinking about performing your own garage door repairs, make sure you observe all the safety precautions necessary, and begin the job when there is enough light.

Modern house To identify where the problem lies, first do a few basic tests. If your door opens manually but is hard to move or is issuing a grinding sound, the problem is normally the actual door. But if the door is working fine but the opener is not working, then obviously the problem lies with the opener. Take you time, and carefully observe the problem, to determine exactly what the problem is. Overhead garage doors are operated with a spring tension. The door rolls along tracks which are connected to the walls in the garage. An industrial spring provides the power via extreme tension.

The first step will be inspecting the tracks. Tighten all the mounting brackets which connect the track onto the walls, as these sometimes become lose. Close the door and search the tracks for breaks, dents etc.; if you see any, remove that section, and flatten it out using a hammer.

Use a level to ensure the tracks are aligned. The horizontal tracks must be in a downwards slant angle, and the vertical ones need to be completely level. Inspect both tracks to make sure that they are correct, and run parallel to each other. If you have any problems, never remove the bolts; just unscrew them slightly, and make any adjustments.

So if you need a garage door repair service, call RB Garage Doors Woodlands at (281) 204-2291 today. We are in The Woodlands, TX.

RB Garage Doors Woodlands

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