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Three Signs to Help You Detect a Major Garage Door Problem

How to Decide Whether You Need a Professional Garage Door Installation Service

garage door and a beautiful gardenWelcome to our blog! In our first post, we will discuss some of the most common garage door problems that can only be solved if a professional garage door installation or repair service professional is booked. Here are our top 3:

  1. Your garage door is uneven. A frayed or broken spring cable, as well as a worn torsion spring may cause uneven door ascending or descending. Even if the parts are simply worn out, a specialist may advise you to replace the whole garage door if more repairs are expected in the future and if your garage door warranty has expired.
  2. The door of your garage is making funny or unusual noises. Out-of-the-ordinary sounds are usually the most evident indication of a problem with overhead doors. To detect whether something is broken or your door simply needs oiling, you will need to book a professional inspection.
  3. Your garage door won’t open. Of course, you will not need an expert to tell you that there is something wrong when your garage door won’t open. This problem can come as a result of several complications. Read your owner’s manual first, or check to see whether or not your remote control is working properly before calling a garage door repair contractor.

To book a trustworthy garage door installation specialist dealing with the repair  of overhead doors, call RB Garage Doors Woodlands at (281) 204-2291. Our office is based in The Woodlands, TX for your convenience!

RB Garage Doors Woodlands

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