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What Are the Different Types of Doors a Garage Door Supplier Will Have?


Garage doors are usually differentiated from one another in two ways – the materials they are made from and they way that they open. While most are familiar with overhead doors, other kinds are bifold and horizontal sliding doors. Popular materials for these doors are vinyl, steel, and wood.Local garage door supplier in The Woodlands, TX.

 The most common type is the overhead one. These work on tracks which raise  the door above an opening. They come in sections so they are able to move around bends in the track. They go from a vertical position to horizontal position when opened. For residential garages, this is the more common garage door.

 Sliding garage doors have some of the same traits as overhead ones, as they use a track. But, they will remain in a vertical position and slide away from an opening. Using this door means it needs a lot of room on one side.

 Bifold garage doors generally fold up to open. The door will be sectioned in the center, with the bottom pulled to the top when opened. Both the top and bottom rest in a position which  is almost horizontal when opened, very similar to an overhead garage door.

 The most commonly used material for garage doors is steel. This is durable and is cheaper than most other materials. They can also be textured to mimic wood so they will look more impressive when placed in a residential setting. Most steel doors are insulated too. Commercial doors are plain in appearance, although some do come with windows to bring in more natural light; however, it is advisable that you speak to your local garage door supplier, to see which  the best garage door for your setting would be.

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