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Why Your Garage Door Springs Fail

A Knowledgeable Garage Door Repair Provider Explains

Let’s admit it, we don’t usually give our garage doors a second thought until something unusual happens. We just push the button of the transmitter every time we want to open or close it, and that’s it. Almost all garage doors have openers with steel torsion springs, their role is to raise and lower the door as and when required. When you roll-up door is raised, they unwind releasing the tension stored in them. When you lower your door, they rewind again and produce tension again. What can an experienced garage door repair provider tell you about the most typical reasons for spring failure?

  • Age. Each garage door is designed with a certain number of raise-and-lower cycles, this means you can press the button of your transmitter a certain amount of times during its lifespan. So, if your garage door was installed a long time ago, chances are the springs have failed due to aging. You will have to start saving for a newer and better model.
  • Poor maintenance. Another reason why your door’s springs aren’t working. How many times have you called an expert to check the condition and test the performance of your door in the last couple of years? If you want to prolong the life of the important door components, you have to provide them with regular inspections, lubrication, and cleaning to remove excess grease, dust, and debris.
  • Improper installation. One final problem could be an improper installation done by an inexperienced garage door repair technician. Never leave such a serious job in the hands of unprofessional technicians, experts advise, this could be a major error, leading to not only replacing the springs but very often replacing the entire garage door. Always work with legitimate and proficient garage door installation contractors.

If you choose to work with RB Garage Doors Woodlands for your next garage door installation or repair project, you won’t regret your decision. The great number of happy clients is our biggest testament for our highly reliable services. For more details and if you live in The Woodlands, TX, you can call us at (281) 204-2291.

RB Garage Doors Woodlands

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